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Pastor Jeff often says that Lutheranism is a lens to interpret scripture. That lens being a series of teachings that emerge from the Book of Concord, and provides guidance for understanding. Like many other lenses for biblical interpretation, a Lutheran lens provides a reformation, mission, and reconciling emphasis that the world sorely needs as it seeks to overcome its deep divisions.

His passion for ministry is built out of education. He experienced his call to ministry while teaching in the Sunday school classroom and enjoys exploring new approaches to ministry and education.

He hopes the ELCA will be a church that continues to engage in God’s mission in the world, speaks into brave spaces, inspires justice, empowers the borderlands of social hierarchy, and pursues ecumenical partnerships that move past denominational differences. 


Pastor Jeff grew up in St. Joseph MI and studied at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus OH. "My faith was shaped by pursuing deeper and deeper understanding of Scripture. I have never been satisfied by people who claim to get it, there is always more to explore, discuss, maybe even debate a bit." "The middle schooler seems to understand better than any other age group how to challenge authority through discussion and dialogue and perhaps a bit of sarcasm. May we all think like 12 year olds, you know, occasionally."

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