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Are you wrestling with God? Well, you should be.

Jacob wrestled with God — can you imagine that?

Some of us have heard this story before: Jacob was alone and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.

Scholars debate about who this figure was. Was it God? Was it an angel? Few agree, yet what we do know is that it was divine.

Jacob was going through a particularly precarious time in his life. There was a lot going on in his world. Jacob's brother, Esau, had threatened to kill him after he tricked their father and stole his brother's birthright. Still, Jacob was trying his best to be a person of faith.

And he wrestled with God, all night, to a stand still.

In an encounter with the divine, Jacob put it all on the table. All his strength, fear, uncertainty. He put it all on the table, and God was big enough to take it all.

We wrestle, don’t we? We wrestle with a lot of things. We wrestle with thoughts that we’re inadequate. We wrestle with family members. We wrestle with our bank accounts. We wrestle with decisions that must be made. We wrestle with God, with our faith.

Life can be and is emotionally draining. It can take a lot out of us. And that’s OK. Because that means we are living our lives, and not remaining stagnant.

It is OK to wrestle, to cry out, because God is big enough to take it all. God is present with us. And God has given us the most important thing: each other. God has given us each other.

That person who we lean on when we can’t stand any more — God gave them to us. That person that prays for us, even when we can’t pray for ourselves — God has given them to us. We must never forget that we are not alone. Jacob was never alone when he was wrestling — he was face-to-face with God!

Our lives our hard. But we must know that the face of God is present in the trees, and water, and nature surrounding us. And the face of God is present in those around us.

Sometimes we don't see it. But that does not mean it’s not there.

So wrestle. God’s got you!

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