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Member Spotlight: Danielle Kerns

Left to right: Stella, Nick, Reese, Danielle, and Emma Kerns

St. Philip member Danielle Kerns is a recognizable face in our congregation — she's been around for about 27 years or so. Danielle grew up in the church and still attends with her parents, John and Pat Hartig. In the last few years their family has grown to include Danielle's spouse Nick and their three daughters, four-year-old Reese, 2-year-old Stella, and 1-year-old Emma.

Danielle and Nick work as financial representatives for Thrivent Financial, a Christian nonprofit organization that helps people with their finances.

"We both absolutely love what we do," she says. "We get to help people in all walks of life reach their financial goals, which is really fun and rewarding. At this very point in our lives things are so busy, between work and three small children we barely have a spare moment. But we have a fabulous support system, which includes our wonderful church."

Danielle says she loves the congregation's inclusive, door's-always-open nature.

"St. Philip is a truly welcoming place. You feel at home the moment you walk in. We are very comfortable at St. Philip. Nick and I are so happy to be raising our children in such a warm and loving church."

While they are busy juggling work and raising young children, they're still committed to being involved at St. Philip. Naturally, Danielle finds herself helping with kid-related activities and events within the church.

"My life basically revolves around kid things," Danielle says. "I try to help with events as much as possible. With three little ones age 4 and under it's hard to keep a steady routine, but I ultimately would love to play a bigger role in Sunday School."

She also recently began running a weekly mommy-and-me meet-up, which welcomes Downriver moms and kids to enjoy some free fun at the church.

Kids play while moms enjoy coffee and community during a weekly Mommy-and-me meet-up.

When she gets a rare moment "to be an adult" Danielle says she enjoys crafting fun Pinterest projects, grabbing coffee with her parents, and going for long evening walks.

With so much on her plate, it's no wonder Danielle finds the words of Philippians 4:6 so comforting.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

"In this chapter of life I have a lot of things to be nervous about — kids, career, just life in general," she says. "When life gets too overwhelming this verse reminds me to pray and remember that God has our back through everything!"

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