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Slowing Down

This week's blog is based on Luke 10:38-42.

When I read this story about Martha and Mary, I immediately think about Moses and the Burning Bush!

We know the story: Moses is doing his thing, and he notices the burning bush and realizes God is calling out to him!

Well known Jewish Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, has an interesting take on the Burning Bush story:

The “burning bush” was not a miracle. It was a test. God wanted to find out whether or not Moses could pay attention for something for more than a few minutes. When Moses did, God spoke. The trick is to pay attention to what is going on around you long enough to behold the miracle without falling asleep. There is another world, right here within this one, whenever we pay attention.

This is a unique perspective and it makes me look at the story through a different lens.

The bush had been burning for a while, but Moses was the one who slowwwwwwwed down long enough to notice!

How often do we get the chance to slow down and just be?

In the Bible story, Jesus was visiting Mary and Martha. Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening to him while Martha was running around the house being distracted by her tasks!

Distracted … by tasks … while JESUS is in the room.

Mary has slowed down enough to realize what was happening. Jesus is present. That is enough.

How often do we get the chance to slow down and just be?

What if God is present among and around us in so many different ways, but somehow we miss it! God is still present, but maybe we just do not see it! Maybe we get ahead of ourselves, looking down the road, that we do not see what God is doing right here, with us now.

I remember being in college and I was so focused on the next task to be completed that I did not realize that I was making memories and that I needed to slowwwwwww down and enjoy making them.

Then when I got into Pastor school, during my sermons, I would always go so fast when I was preaching that I did not take the time to appreciate what I was saying. I needed to realize what I had in front of me! I needed to slow down and embraced it!

So Church, might we slowwwwwww down and see the burning bushes all around us. Might we see all the ways that God is working among and around us. Might we take the time to know what we have right in front of us: a God of love, peace, and joy!

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