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What Jesus Looks Like and Why It Matters

It’s highly unlikely that Jesus was white.

We’ll go so far as to say it’s impossible.

Yet, images of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus have been all but inescapable since artwork depicting the Son of God first appeared.

The Bible offers little to no description of what Jesus looked like — and that was likely purposefully done. What Jesus looked like is nowhere near as important as what he came to Earth to do.

Yet, imagining Christ as Middle Eastern or African American or Indigenous, as Chinese or a refugee or a gay man is a powerful tool to remind us that he stands with the oppressed, the disenfranchised, and those who live on the margins.

Which is why we've decided to display artwork in our church that reflects the belief that everyone is created in the image of God and that Jesus sought to create a movement propelled by unconditional, never-ending, affirming love for all people.

St. Philip member Wade Young helped us prepare our hallway walls by applying a fresh coat of paint.

The photos are hung by Unity member Dustin Offman.

The many faces of Christ.

We hope these images will remind people that St. Philip is a place that welcomes all people, just as Jesus did.

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