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This simple question can change your perspective

In a pastor colleague meeting recently, we were talking about what was going on in our lives, decisions that had to be made, and troubles that were causing us stress.

The most experienced person in the room asked the question: “What does your faith say about this?”

That was a game changer. As followers of Jesus, I don't think that question gets asked often enough.

What does your faith say about this?

For Christians, our faith has a lot to say about what goes on in this world. God literally came into the world as a human being to show us how to live.

Jesus lived a servant life, cared for people, and listened to people. In the midst of that, he told us and showed us that everything will be OK.

As this pastor kept talking, we heard about the challenges he has been through and how they shaped his life. But he knew that whatever happened, at the end, everything will be OK. Because of his faith, his fear was diminished.

Now that is what the world needs to hear, especially during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, but the holidays are not always happy for everyone.

Some of us are waiting for test results.

Some of us are trying to figure out how to pay for Christmas.

Some of us are wishing for family to spend the holidays with.

The list goes on.

These things are valid, real people are going through them.

But in the midst of this, the questions must be asked: “What does your faith say about this?”

And our faith tells us that we will get through it.

The world throws so much at us, often times things we aren't expecting. But we are dealing with a life-giving God and even though we may feel alone, we never are. It may seem like nothing will get better, but we know it will. Our faith tells us it will.

So throughout the holiday season, and all our lives, may we continue to ask: "What does my faith say about this?"

And, may we find our faith says a lot.

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